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All sorts of accessories for your astronomy needs!

What ever you need to complete your setup, be it an obscure adapter or a dew heater, your bound to find it in here!

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 Borg Hutech #7000 DSLR & SLR Camera Mount Holder
Brand new boxed  Borg Hutech #7000 DSLR & SLR Camera Mount Holder ..
 Borg Hutech #7835 Helical Focuser - For 80mm series
brand new boxed! Can also be used at the rear of a SCT telescope if #7428  adapter is purcha..
Deluxe Telescope Cover Small 720mm x 1000mm - Waterproof, Breathable & Anti-Static
Size: Medium 7200mm Wide x 1000mm Long* Breathable, ripstop and anti static fabric The blue co..
Deluxe Telescope Cover XL-dob12 - 12" DobsonianWaterproof, Breathable & Anti-Static
For 12" dob Breathable, ripstop and anti static fabric The blue cover pictured is a medium and..
Deluxe Telescope Dobsonian Cover 2000mm x 1500mm - Waterproof, Breathable & Anti-Static
Size: XL 2000mm Wide x 1500mm Long* Breathable, ripstop and anti static fabric These are ideal..
HitecAstro EQDIR EQMOD - Skywatcher EQ5 HEQ5 EQ3 EQ8 & EQ6 ALTAZ - windows 10
New more convenient design with electronics built into plug and fitted 2mtr cable, there no need for..
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HitecAstro Single channel Dew Controller with dual-Ports
Good quality single channel dual-port dew controller with 5-Amp combined output.  Simply plug i..
Mini keyring Red LED Flashlight Torch for Astronomy & Fishing
NSA Astronomy torches - for any hobby or sport where not loosing your dark adapted night vision is r..
NSA 100ml Optical Lens & Mirror Cleaning Fluid with Calotherm Micro Fibre Cloth
NSA Optical Cleaning Fluid was born out of frustration with other cleaning products on the market th..
NSA Red Film For LCD & Laptop Screens - Preserves Astronomy Adapted Night Vision
Preserve you adapted night vision while doing astronomy, this superb quality film can be sat in plac..
NSA Red LED Mini keyring Flashlight Torch for Astronomy & Fishing
As these are NEW they are supplied by our sister company NSA but no harm in putting them on ENS for ..
ST-4 2mtr Telescope/Mount Camera Guide Cable - ST4
2mtr ST4 guiding cable for mounts and Cameras with an ST4 guider port ..
Waterproof Telescope Star Party Scope Cover-  protects your investment!
A good quality waterproof but not breathable scope cover , they are ideal for star parties and garde..